Successful online horse riding lessons

The Corona crisis changed many habits in sports. Home office, video conferencing and the ability to access trainers worldwide. have changed interaction and communication in a way that we could never have imagined.

This is just the beginning of a whole new era in which we move in three “equal” worlds: our physical private world, our physical professional world and our virtual world, which is increasingly emerging as a world with its own laws, rules and habits The restrictions of the other two worlds are freed and their independence is asserted.

For our sport, this means that you are now able to use the best coaches in the world for yourself.

No matter where you are at home with your horses, online riding lessons brings you the best trainers directly into your stable.

Online horse riding training is

– Cheaper than physical lessons

– Often the only way to get good coaches

– Environmentally friendly

– Video coaching has a higher learning effect because you can see the tips and analysis more often.

Video coaching at it´s best

The development could be observed among the stars in equestrian sports during the Corona crisis. So that the students did not lose contact with their trainers, simple WhatsApp videos were sent and the trainers tried to continue training with their students.

With the offer of the REITTV Academy, video coaching in equestrian sports is becoming more professional and every student in the world has now the opportunity to use the best know-how. Easy, quick and inexpensive!

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